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I love this world passionately. I love the country I live in passionately, not as a patriot, as a human being who recognises natural beauty and diversity as a wonder to behold and cherish.

So why am I not happy? To start with my species has been run/governed/managed by self-serving, short-sighted egomaniacs for way too long now. The colour of their stripes is irrelevant to me. It is the system that taints them and turns them into parts of a giant perpetual motion machine.

Our leaders and representatives start out with ideals and passions that drive them to be involved. Drive them to think they can make a difference. They gravitate to parties / groups / organisations that they feel can back up and validate them. A group high encourages them to step out and become a localised leading proponent of the organisation and they stand up to have their views justified by the masses. Those that succeed feel vindicated in their beliefs and those of the organisation that supports them. And then comes the education of the public service and the party machine.


They are taught how to behave, how to speak in “the house”, how to speak to the press, the public. They are made to tow the party line despite any beliefs that do not fit. They are shown how doing this gives them greater chance of being there after the next judgment of the masses, and what the benefits are to them personally. They are provided with staff to assist and to help them bathe in the self-importance that recognition perpetuates. Then come the lobbyists, the special interest benefits, the data from focus groups that you need to pander to as it may ensure your return to your new comfort zone. Where do YOU really stand in all this? Where is YOUR core?

Our leaders come out of this, usually over and extended time exposed, coloured by and molded into a figure that fits the bill for the organisation’s chances of governing / ruling / running a country / province / state / shire. They are a product not an individual, except in that the most important thing in the world becomes the perpetuation of a position.

The political system most prevalent on the planet is the worst at bring this sorry state about. Unfortunately most people are of the belief that these figures and their associate organisations are running the show. Even they believe it. But this is not the case. They merely give flavour to the real engine.

The Bureaucracy! A thing. Inhumane, unfeeling, entrenched and stale. This is what is really running things. You could take the “government” away and the system would plough on regardless. Impersonal and painstakingly inefficient. Steam rolling all in its way based on the last set of instructions received from the former “rulers”. Yes eventually leaders would form and take the power into their own hands. Only natural that someone will see an opportunity to be number 1: To ensure that things are done a certain way to suit certain ideals and propagate job security. This is the HUMAN side of the machine rearing its head. It could be benevolent. It may not be.

Churchill was supposed to have said something like “democracy isn’t perfect but it’s the best we have”. He may be right but, one day, I hope we, the human race, grows up enough to do better. What we have now has turned into a debacle that is destroying this planet’s essential biodiversity, augmenting the planet’s natural climate variation at an alarming rate with impunity and increasing the divide between the ‘haves and have nots’ on purpose despite how this can only end badly for all.


Written by gavlang

April 28, 2017 at 12:12 pm

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