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Has any one noticed our world is going to shite? Now that was rhetorical.

It is easy to fix but within that easiness seems to be an impenetrable barrier of childishness and blindness driven by egotistical selfishness.

My fix for the worlds woes (call me a flagrant idealist if you like – my arguments may be flawed, my spelling and grammar poor but I feel I have a point):

  • Treat others as you would have them teat you. Wow, what a revelation! how simple! You think?
  • Choose leaders based on their fitness to lead (surely we have come forward enough in evolution to figure out how to do this without battle! I know, Idealist!). Aren’t you tired of inept governance and worthless opposition for oppositions sake. Leaders inspire people to follow, they can stand on the strength of their own integrity, they know the worth of those who follow and let them know it. True leaders are able to listen to advice from those able to provide it but have the fortitude to make their own decisions, whether based on the advice or because of their own convictions, and will stand by their decisions whatever the result, knowing in themselves that they made the best choice at the time. Leaders are people even their strongest enemies hold a deep respect for. Has anyone known a political leader in their life time who would measure up to these criteria?
  • Start providing free education and technological assistance to ALL those who cannot afford to pay. Especially women in 3rd world countries. Lets face it, our modern consumer society has been a major part of stuffing up the planet. Now the 3rd world wants what we have. Do we expect them to get there without making the mistakes we made? What is the current population difference between the haves and have nots in the world? Do the sums. If we do not help them achieve, they are going to fight to get there by hook or by crook. It is human nature. If they are not helped they will plow on regardless laying the remainder of the world to waste. (waste being the optimal problem that has created our current environmental nightmare not “carbon”). Education of women has been well documented as the strongest way to reduce the population explosions in any country. Why should people who cannot afford their next meal miss out on education because of this? Are we so selfishly wrapped up in our own superiority that we cannot see our way to putting some of our wealth to improving this world from the ground up? We have come sooo far since the industrial revolution. Our technological know-how is amazing. What right do we have to hold it back from those who need it to prevent the mistakes we have already made being made again?

Lets forget quibbling over a “price on carbon”. I am made of carbon and so are all of you, and almost every other life form on this planet. The price should be on waste. Waste that is created by the misuse of the worlds resources and by the HUGE population that this small world has to maintain.

Let us all resolve today to treat EVERY other person we deal with, no matter how much we dislike them, the way we expect to be treated by them.

Let us look for the true leaders among us and not just make our decisions based on who makes the promises we want to hear, based on the lobby and focus groups they listen to.

Lets us ask our leaders to support developing world with new world clean technology for free, to support and provide for free education in the developing world, to pay for this from making those who truly pollute the most (and I mean all of us in the developed world) pay penalties if we do not do whatever we can to reduce or re-use our waste.

Who knows, we may begin to start solving the refugee problem as well.

Please follow the link and read the extract. I dare you not to be moved. Please consider what little we have here. How special this world is.


Written by gavlang

May 4, 2011 at 1:08 am

Posted in Socio-political

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